The Clark Family

The Clark Family
Easter Sunday

Monday, April 5, 2010

"jumpy things and slides"

since i am new to the whole blogging world i though it appropriate to share the events of this past weekend it being Easter and all..

our Easter celebration began the weekend before last at Clinton's annual Easter egg hunt. Todd was out of town on his big manly camping trip, so mom and I took ML ( I refer to her a lot like this, mostly because im lazy) to Traceway park for the hunt. We were a little late of course so we were walking up just as ML's age group, children 0-2 was beginning to "search" for eggs. basically all they did for this age group was section off about 50 yards of flat gross and threw candy field eggs out. well, as most of you know i have a little competitive side in me so i was like dragging Mary Logan, yelling to her "grab those, and those HURRYYY" well about 30 seconds later it was over. and alll Mary Logan had on her mind was the "jumpy thing and slides" so that is what we did. since she was so preoccupied, i took it upon myself to open up all her eggs to see what was inside. i got about 1/3 of the way through the eggs when i came across one that was different.. it didnt make a noise when i shook it. so i opened it as fast as i could and when i saw the little white folded sheet of paper i knew. the paper said "CONGRATULATIONS.. YOU HAVE WON THE GOLDEN PRIZE" i jumped up from the place on the grass where i was now very comfortable and ran over to my mom and screamed "SHE WON!!" my mom and i were so excited, im pretty sure neither of us have either won anything in our lives and now Mary Logan won the golden egg when she was 2! i ran over to show ML and i dont think it fazed her one bit, she could careless about this moment that had just happened. so we finally dragged her out of the jumpy thing long enough to walk over to the blue tent to pick up her prize. they handed us her prize and as i, of course opened up everyone around us "oooo"ed and "ahhh"ed and Mary Logan darted straight back to the slide. oh well atleast one of us was excited. The week continued with more easter fun! Mary Logan's school had their Easter parties on Thursday. She got gobs of candy and had lots of fun with her friends! Her Popppy and Gran brought by their Easter gifts that night and she was really happy to see them and have them play with her on her swing set. Saturday night we had a going away party for our aunt Ashley and uncle Davis at a restaurant in C-Town where i pretty sure ML sat down for a total of 5 minutes the entire time we were there. Afterwards we went back to Gigi's house to dye easter eggs. ALWAYS fun with a 2 year old.. Sunday morning FINALLY came after a lot of threats that if someone didnt do as her mommy and daddy told her to do that the Easter Bunny wasnt going to come and see her and bring her presents, he did! she decided that she "could like him", thank goodness because she still says she "can't like santa clause". after seeing what the Easter Bunny had brought we loaded up and went to early church, we needed to get back early to get lunch ready. Gigi, Ashley and Davis came over after they got out of their church and had a very delicious lunch with us. TODD CLARK'S INFAMOUS RIBS (wink, wink) and MOLLY CLARK'S INFAMOUS POTATO SALAD, baked beans, and bread, it was yum. after eating, we had an easter egg hunt, starring none other than Mary Logan Clark! It was a very fun filled day, we were very happy that we got to spend so much time with Ashley and Davis before their big adventure to South Carolina.

guess who finally gave in..

so over the past couple of years now (since the birth of my little angel), several of you have requested that i start a blog. even though i have denied and denied, last night i came to the realization that i might be one of the only young moms in the world who doesnt have a blog these days. so, fighting through the extreme anxiety that accompanies any kind of writing that i do, i am doing it. doing it for you. but i would like to warn you, it may not be pretty.. my grammar, spelling, lack of ability to stay on subject for any length of time may be just plain awful, but like i said I'M DOIN IT! so welcome, welcome to the lives of one little family. one little family who is just trying to do the very best we can do...

so, just to play a little catch up for those of you that we haven't seen in the past two and half years, A LOT has been going on. let's start with the person ya'll care to hear about the most.. ME. just kidding.. Mary Logan is 2 1/2 (yes half ages count) she will be 3 in August, but some days i seriously think that she is 15 like she is my best friend, she's so stinkin smart, she remember every damn thing that you say or do. She goes to daycare every week day and i personally think that its fabulous. i honestly doubt that she would be as smart (except for incredible genes, of course) and outgoing and personable as she is today without it. she is the life of the party where ever she goes and is completely spoiled rotten by every single person in our families. we are blessed.

Todd has spent the past two and half years working at Regions Bank. He has a love/hate relationship with his current occupation. sure the hours kick ass and he gets of every single holiday known to mankind. although he has been promoted twice in the past two years, i think that he feels like his true talents and abilities arent being utilized. but i guess thats the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. he is currently playing indoor soccer for our church (highlands presbyterian ) and softball for the bank so he is enjoying being outside and playing except his horrible allergies that are all over the place this time of year. last year for his birthday i got him a black lab, her name is suzy (suzy-my-pup). she is training to be a huntin' dog, but Liz our other non-hunting chocolate lab can be a little distracting sometimes in the training process. but hopefully suzzz will be ready for todd's favorite time of year.. duck season.

and i guess that leaves me.. i am currently working at a vet in gluckstadt, and going to school at belhaven university (yeah that changed it this year, go..i seriously have no idea with the mascot is) but starting this summer i am fortunate enough to be able to go to school full-time and start working only part-time. thank you Jesus. i am so ready for my relationship with college to be O-V-E-R. ive been hanging out around college since 2004 and its time for us to part and go our seperate ways. ive gotten into to running and that is really the only other thing during my day that i try to make sure that i make time for other than my loves, work and school.

i truly hope that this blog will allow everyone a glimpse into our crazy/wonderful life. enjoy..